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Magnesium and a Person’s Health

Magnesium and a Person’s Health

Magnesium and a Person’s Health

Magnesium is a mineral that supports the healthy chemical reaction of hundreds of enzymes within the body, including the metabolism of food and the synthesis of proteins and fatty acids. The mineral is essential for the structural development and ongoing health of bones, and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Unfortunately, many people have a magnesium deficiency. Poor diet, as well as taking certain over-the-counter medications can cause low magnesium levels, the results of which can range from unpleasant to lethal.

Conditions and symptoms associated with a magnesium deficiency may include irregular or rapid heartbeat, fatigue, muscle cramps, sleep disorders, osteoporosis, and even Parkinson’s disease and colon cancer.

The Health Benefits of Magnesium Supplements

Taking a magnesium supplement can restore a healthy level of magnesium in the body. Since magnesium impacts mood and brain function, increasing magnesium levels have been linked to decreased risk of depression. Magnesium also improves the movement of blood sugar into your muscles and the removal of lactate that can build up in muscles during exercise, which is why the mineral is a popular supplement for improved athletic performance.

Healthy levels of magnesium are shown to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. For individuals that have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or with metabolic syndrome, magnesium supplements may enhance insulin resistance.

Magnesium minimizes the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein (CRP) and combats inflammation, which is believed to play a role in the advent of cardiovascular events. Measuring markers of inflammation can help to better predict if you are at risk for these events. Tests can reveal the inflammatory marker CRP, and magnesium may be part of a comprehensive treatment for those at risk.

Additionally, magnesium supplements can lower blood pressure levels. If you already have high blood pressure, magnesium can help bring blood pressure down to a healthy level. Working with a provider at Natural Bio Health can also help you determine if you are genetically predisposed to high blood pressure.

For optimal health, make sure that you are getting the recommended dietary allowance of magnesium.

Understanding Your Genetic Health Background

Significant genetic weaknesses (SNPs) in major pathways of nutritional metabolism is something more than 75% of us have, although many individuals are not aware of what their specific weaknesses are. The result is that millions of individuals spend their hard-earned income on nutritional supplements that may or may not meet their personal dietary needs.

By having a better understanding of your genetic health background through genetic testing and obtaining your Genetic Health Profile, you can address areas of your health that could be a concern in a more specific manner. A Genetic Health Profile can offer you possible explanations and treatments for poor hormonal function, poor estrogen metabolism, low testosterone, irregular heartbeat, cancer, stroke, sleep issues, digestive issues, difficulty losing weight, and more.

How Natural Bio Health Can Help

At Natural Bio Health, we have developed comprehensive genetic testing kits that provide a precise way to assess your unique nutritional needs. Once your genetic test is complete, you will meet with a Natural Bio Health provider for a full consultation to go over your results and Genetic Health Profile.

Implementing advanced testing methods, the Natural Bio Health providers offer valuable insights into your genetic health, and recommend treatments based on your test results and indicators of possible genetic deficiencies. Our treatments include guidance on your diet and lifestyle combined with recommendations for all-natural, pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

The ingredients in these nutritional supplements can deliver a solution specific to your genetic-based metabolic needs. From magnesium for lowering unhealthy blood sugar levels to vitamin B for boosting natural testosterone production, the nutritional ingredients in these supplements are results-based and customized to you.

Are you ready to learn what variations may exist in your DNA and what supplements you can take to prevent serious health conditions down the road? To improve your health and lower any health risks you are prone to, contact our team at Natural Bio Health to receive the most advanced genetic testing and health counseling from top experts in the field.

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