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NBH LifetimeHealth PRObiotic 225 Program

NBH LifetimeHealth PRObiotic 225 Program

Clean Your Gut, Stop Sugar & Carb Cravings
Reduce Body Fat, Strengthen Your immune System

How? Our 15 Day, 225 Billion Probiotic Program. Easy, Simple

Why: Eighty percent (80%) of your immune system is located in your gut. The bad bacteria in your gut loves sugar and refined carbohydrates. Bad bacteria is also very efficient at removing sugar from the foods we eat and storing it in fat cells.

Ensuring that you’re getting a regular supply of good bacteria in your digestive system is essential to supporting your immune system, which is your number one defense system against ALL disease. It is also essential to effectively reducing body fat and eliminating sugar and refined carb cravings.

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gut: Most people do not have the optimal balance of good and bad bacteria in their intestines. This imbalance creates havoc on our health in many ways including: heart burn, acid reflux, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, upset stomach, GERD, diverticulitus, constipation or diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, and obesity or other weight struggles.

Fat Storage: When the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria favors the bad bacteria, our body stores fat. Our digestive system works poorly. Our metabolism is slowed. This makes it difficult to reduce body fat and makes it easy to store body fat.

Metabolic Syndrome and Lean Body Mass. Several studies have now found that lean people tend to have higher amounts of various healthy bacteria compared to obese people, and researchers suggest that certain bacteria may cause low-grade inflammation in your body, contributing to obesity and difficulty to lose weight.

What is the solution offered by pharmaceutical medicine? Prilosec, Nexium. Tums. All of these have significant side effects and are supposed to be used for short term relief. In fact, drugs such as Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid and Protonix are not supposed to be used continuously for more than eight weeks. YET, this restriction is commonly ignored by patients and providers.

The Health Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Balance of Bacteria. Your body contains about 100 trillion bacteria — more than 10 TIMES the number of cells you have in your whole body. The ideal ratio between the bacteria in your body is 85 percent “good” and 15 percent “bad.”

This ratio is essential for:

The proper development and function of your immune system
Protection against over-growth of other microorganisms that could cause disease

Digestion of food and absorption of nutrients

The probiotics in your gut also play a role in helping numerous bodily functions, such as:

Digesting and absorbing certain carbohydrates

Producing vitamins, absorbing minerals and eliminating toxins

Keeping bad bacteria under control

Preventing allergies. Friendly bacteria train your immune system to distinguish between pathogens and non-harmful antigens, and to respond appropriately

How to Optimize the Bacteria in Your Gut

Eliminate (or reduce to less than 15 grams to 25 grams per day) sugary and processed foods (including un-sprouted grains).
When you eat a healthy diet that is low in sugars and low in processed foods, the good bacteria in your gut flourishes and builds up a major defense against the bad bacteria.

Be aware of the following items that influence your gut bacteria; another reason to have a daily regimen of a quality Probiotic:

     Chlorinated water
     Antibacterial soap
     Agricultural chemicals

Due to the thousands of toxins that surround most of us on a daily basis, good “Gut Health” requires a healthy diet, a high-quality probiotic supplement and eating fermented foods. Note that sugary yoghurt does NOT help with Gut Health. They are also pasteurized and pasteurization kills the naturally occurring probiotics. Unsweetened, unpasteurized Kefir is healthy. Add blueberries or raspberries for flavor.

Recommendation: 15 days of PRObiotic 225, followed by 30 days of 50 Billion Probiotic followed by maintenance of 30 billion Probiotic.

Start the New Year with a Healthy Gut. Lay the foundation for a Lean Body.

PRObiotic 225 Program Special: $99.00
Includes 15 day supply of Probiotic 225, Eating Guide, Cardio Support, Chromemate

Add the all of the following labs for $49.00:
Cholesterol Panel, Complete Blood Count, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Panel, Ferritin (iron) Test, Ha1c (pre-diabetes and diabetes)

**Prices and products subject to change without notice.


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