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Non-Invasive Medical Weight Loss

Non-Invasive Medical Weight Loss

Why Natural Customized Programs Work Best

If you’re trying to lose weight but getting nowhere, you might be considering an invasive surgical weight loss procedure, also known as bariatric surgery. These surgeries are expensive and involve considerable downtime and risk. Medical weight loss programs can be just as effective as surgery without the cost, recovery time or risk. Here’s why natural customized programs can work as well as or better than surgery:

Why Conventional Diets Fail

If you want to lose weight, you go on a diet. Usually, the diet involves reducing calories, sometimes drastically, for a certain length of time in order to achieve a target weight. After the target weight has been reached, the diet is discontinued, and in most cases, the dieter returns to the eating habits that caused the weight gain in the first place. The weight comes back, the diet is started anew, and the cycle can last for years. Diet pills work the same way. They get rid of hunger long enough for you to reduce calories comfortably. When you discontinue the pills, the hunger comes back, you’re eating more than you should, and you regain the weight.

The Relationship Between Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss

Most diets are just a quick fix because nothing really changes. Studies have shown that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to implement a permanent lifestyle change that involves fewer calories and more exercise. In an article entitled, “Quick fix or long-term cure? Pros and cons of bariatric surgery,” authors James A. Madura and John K. DiBaise conclude that “At present, weight loss surgery is the most effective and sustainable treatment option for severe obesity as long as the individual is motivated to make the lifestyle changes required.” This study makes it clear that even weight loss surgery will fail if it’s not accompanied by a lifestyle change.

The Effects of Lifestyle on Weight

Lifestyle changes to reach and maintain a healthy weight usually involve three components: an eating plan, an exercise plan and participation in a weight loss program. A nutritionist can help you develop a food plan based on your dietary needs and target weight. A fitness professional can help you formulate an exercise program that combines strength training with aerobic workouts to help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain your ideal weight. A medical weight loss program can provide the structure and support you’ll need to implement and maintain a long-term eating plan and fitness program.

How Medical Weight Loss Can Help

These programs offer weight loss counseling, low-calorie diet plans, appetite suppressant programs and help with choosing vitamins and supplements. Treatment can be long-term or short-term based on your needs. The non-invasive weight loss programs offered by Natural Bio Health start at 26 days. To learn more about why natural customized programs work best, contact about Natural Bio Health about our customized weight programs. We have locations across Texas and Denver.

**Results of our non-invasive weight loss program can vary person to person.



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