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Ortho Molecular Products – Triplichol with Niacin

Ortho Molecular Products – Triplichol with Niacin

Complex issues like cardiovascular health are best managed using multiple pathways all working together. This is the synergistic approach utilized by Triplichol.

While each of the nutrients offer individual benefits, science is proving the synergy of these ingredients when used together at therapeutic levels is best.


DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid. Your need for DHA grows as you age. DHA is a critical component in the development of your eyes and brain and is vital to your cardiovascular health.


Essential fatty acids are important for the cardiovascular system and a healthy heart. Studies have shown that DHA is more important to your health than EPA, but they have also shown that the best solution is to consume adequate amounts of both.


The combination of adequate amounts of sterols and fish oil (EPA and DHA) is known to have a positive effect on lipid levels. Triplichol contains therapeutic levels of both for the maximum health benefit.

Time Release Niacin

Niacin (vitamin B-3) reduces cholesterol levels in your body. People with high cholesterol should see an improvement and niacin supplementation. The unique time-release technology in OrthoMolecular’s niacin reduces the flushing commonly associated with other forms of niacin.


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