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Our Philosophy on Hormone Replacement Therapy In Austin

Our Philosophy on Hormone Replacement Therapy In Austin

Video Transcription:

I think it’s very important to have an attitude of life that is consistent with the attitude we have for hormone replacement therapy. We do age, the question is how do we want to age? We have a choice in how we age. We can age with education and knowledge. I love getting older! The reason that I do that is because if you know how to get older then you can still have a great life and you can increase your wisdom.

Now, what I mean by that? Right now I’m almost 65 years of age. So in the first 65, I’ve had a number of experiences but the way I look at life, I still have another 65 years. Therefore, I’m basically just starting out. So if I’m going to go to college and get another degree; if I want to go to courses; if I want to study a new field, I have lots of years left of my life.

Now, what does that attitude mean? What that means is that you look at life as, “How good can I live the rest of my life? And, that rest of my life may be several years.” The advantage to hormone replacement therapy is our philosophy is if your hormones have declined, why not restore them to youthful levels?

There’s nothing that says that I’m going to be 25 again but I can have the hormone levels of a 25-year old and I can have the outlook of a 25-year old. What does that mean? That means I’m looking forward to life. I’m looking at life with great vitality and great energy!


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