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Physical Activity Makes You SMARTER!

Physical Activity Makes You SMARTER!

New Brain Health Programs. NBH is currently completing his requirements for his Certification in Brain Fitness through the University of Southern Florida Medical School. As a result of his family experience with Alzheimer’s Disease (his mother developed AD later in life), NBH has had a long term and passionate interest in maintaining a healthy brain. He also has a passionate interest in optimizing the power of the brain at any age.

To further the development of our new “Brain Health Programs,” NBH has affiliated NBH Lifetime Health with the Amen Clinics, the leading brain health clinic in the world. He also participated in their brain scan program and, in his words, “fortunately received a positive bill of brain health.”

NBH Lifetime health will be offering programs to help identify those at risk of cognitive decline or already in the midst of cognitive decline. *Programs will include prevention and/or delay of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of cognitive decline and programs to improve the functioning of those already suffering from cognitive decline. *NBH will also offer natural treatments for ADD and ADHD and natural treatments for those who already have symptoms of AD or other forms of cognitive decline.

Exercise & the Brain. Blood flow to the brain and fuel for the brain are two key concepts of brain health. *Regular exercise and limiting or avoiding wheat and sugar are two ways you can help obtain and maintain a healthy brain.

The number of ways physical exercise benefits the brain is truly remarkable. Here are just some of the things exercise can do for your brain and body:
1. Exercise encourages the growth of new brain cells.
2. Physical activity enhances cognitive ability at all ages.
3. Exercise enhances your mood.
4. Exercise helps alleviate depression.
5. Exercise calms worries and anxiety.
6. Exercise helps prevent, delay, and lessen the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
7. Exercise eases symptoms of ADD.
8. Physical fitness sparks better behavior in adolescents.
9. People who exercise regularly sleep better.
10. Exercise help women cope with hormonal changes.


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