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Prescription Hormones Diet Explained In Austin

Prescription Hormones Diet Explained In Austin

Video Transcription:

Hello, my name is NBH. I’m the director of education and research at NBH Lifetime Health. We’ve been in the weight loss business now for approximately 12 years. We’ve been in the natural hormone business for approximately 12 years. We have a number of different programs to help you lose weight. Now, why would you choose our clinic?

Well, number one, we have lots of experience and thousands and thousands of clients who have successfully been treated at our clinics. We have professional providers, we have professional nurse practitioners, and we have a very professional staff who has years of experience in this area. Now, what program is best for you? That’s something that we can best determine when you come to our office. We do offer a free visit.

At that point, you can talk to one of our staff and one of our medical staff to determine what’s best for you. All weight loss clients do, do a lab test. We check as a minimum your cholesterol, your blood sugar, your kidney liver functions, your calcium, your protein, your metabolic panel; and we also check your full thyroid panel including free T3, T4, and TSH. Now, why is that important?

A lot of weight loss is caused by deficient hormones, particularly in what we call a sub-optimal thyroid. So all these things are important for us to help you to determine what program is best for you. Now, we have a couple programs that are very popular at this point. One is the Prescription Hormones Diet, that seems to be gaining more and more in popularity. Why? Because it works! We completed a study just recently that’s going to be published soon about the benefits of Prescription Hormones Diet and how it works.

*It is for rapid weight loss. If you’re interest is losing weight quickly, you could lose a significant amount of pounds in about 43 days! Now, what do I mean by that? That’s anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds for ladies, and up to 30 to 40 pounds for guys. Is everybody successful on this diet? No. Sometimes life interferes, we’re just not quite ready for it, stress interferes; or maybe it’s the monetary issue.

*The other program we have is appetite suppressant programs. Now, these programs have been around for years. The most common appetite suppressant we use is Phentermine. Phentermine is a very successful appetite suppressant; it’s been around for about 50 years. It is totally safe in our opinion and the Bariatric Society has determined it’s safe, and it can even be used in some cases for maintenance.

Now, how do we know what’s best for you? The provider and/or nurse practitioner will help you determine that. Your budget will make a difference obviously, also. Both weight loss programs are very successful! Sometimes people think, “Well, I’ve heard all about the Prescription Hormones. I could lose a lot of weight quickly. I’m not sure about that other program.” Well, we’ve had people lose over a hundred pounds on both programs.

The appetite suppressant program of course, you lose weight not quite as quickly but it’s very successful. We look at your lifestyle. We give you good dietary programs. We look at your exercise. We do body comps. All of these things are necessary for us and you to determine what is best for you!


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