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Prescription Hormones is often sold very cheaply online. Why shouldn’t I order it online?

Video Transcription:

There’s a number of cheap things that are sold online. The problem when you buy a prescription drug online is number one; you’re probably not getting a prescription drug. Or if you are, you’re getting it from people that are not complying with federal law and they’re also not complying with the requirements of the medical community.

So you do take a chance when you order anything online, particularly something like Prescription Hormones. Now, the other problem of course is there is a lot of sources out there, could come from China, different places that have a lot of contaminants. So you’re always taking a chance.

And again, the real problem though as far as we’re concerned is not that you’re buying something that may be bad for you which you may be, by the way. But that you’re not under medical supervision for a program that can cause serious medical conditions if not properly supervised.


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