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Prescription Hormones Testimonial

Prescription Hormones Testimonial

*My Prescription Hormones experience has been a great one, and I am loving the results! Here are some of the highlights.

1. I have lost 44 pounds, accomplished in two Prescription Hormones rounds with a 4 week break in between. My loss after the first round was 27 pounds. Ordinarily, I would have been thrilled with that amount of weight loss and would have been delighted to stop right there. But the protocol was so easy to follow and I felt so great on it, that I decided to go for a second round. After two rounds and a total weight loss of 44 pounds, again I am making the decision to go forward for another round because it is not hard to follow and I feel my health has been so greatly improved by the weight loss and healthy eating. I struggled with the decision of whether to do a third round, and finally concluded that the plan is so simple, why not? I am on maintenance now and will begin my third round after the holidays.

2. Since beginning the Prescription Hormones protocol, I have never felt better. My resistance to colds and flu has been greatly enhanced and I have not been ill with allergies or anything else since I began this new way of eating. I used to have seasonal allergies that really affected my health greatly. They would start an upper-respiratory chain-reaction that always resulted in trips to the provider, cough and bronchitis, sinusitis, medications, etc… It is so great not to be burdened with allergies any more.

3. My smaller size has been a revelation to me. This new person was hiding inside the old one for so long, I forgot she was there! I have a renewed confidence in almost everything I do and I no longer feel awkward and out-of-place in my social circle. Being a normal weight has allowed me to dress fashionably for the first time in years. I can finally choose clothing based on what I actually like, and not just what fits. Also, doing the laundry has really changed, too. I used to drip-dry most of my clothing so I would not take a chance they would shrink. Now I am purposely trying to shrink them because they are just too big.

4. I used to curse the steps in my three-story house. There are 22 steps alone from the main floor to the walk-out basement where the garage, laundry room and my study are located. The old me grabbed the railing hard, and went down step by step, hoping my knees wouldn’t hurt too much or give out on me. Going down the stairs was very hard on my knees, and going up the steps made me huff and puff. But now when I get to the top or bottom of the steps, I stop and marvel that it was so easy, I hardly give it a thought any more. Even carrying heavy loads of laundry up and down the steps doesn’t phase me at all.

I think Prescription Hormones is simply a miracle. My friends who introduced me to your program think it is too, and another friend I brought to the program also feels the results are extraordinary. This protocol really has taken away the desire for the terrible processed and high-sugar foods that were a staple in my previous diet. I’m sure that maintenance will be easy for me now that this new way of eating has become a habit. I look forward to losing more weight in my next round, and hope to go from average weight to thin very soon.

Have a wonderful holiday, and see you in January!


S.G., Austin


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