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Protect your health while traveling.

Protect your health while traveling.

Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT). You are in a plane at 35,000 feet. Maybe even in a car traveling long distances. Maybe you have heard about these deadly blood clots. What are they? First, they are related to immobility for a prolonged period of time. DVTs can occur when blood pools and then clots in deep veins of the legs. The real danger is in these clots breaking off and traveling to the lungs.

So what to do? Stay active – even on the plane. While sitting in your cramped airplane seat (or car seat) do movements to increase circulation. Walk the aisle to the bathroom even if you just turn around and come back to your seat. Stop your car every few hours (maximum) and walk around. Compression stockings or socks can help prevent clots, as can staying hydrated and avoiding alcohol and caffeine. Drink water.

Keep your family healthy. Exposure to germs:

When you travel, you and your family are exposed to lots of germs, even more so in a plane. It is not fun to go on a vacation and get sick. My recommendations:

  • Wash regularly with antibacterial gel (not the lavatory water on the plane or at rest stops — it too can be contaminated).
  • Armrests, tray tables, door handles, seat pockets are filled with germs. Wash or at least be aware.
  • Probiotic. The entire family , whatever age,  should take a quality probiotic. 70% of your immune system is controlled by the gut.
  • B12. If you can get a B12 injection before leaving on your trip, that will help. A good B-complex will help.
  • Take garlic cloves (or Kyolic Garlic capsules) every day. If taking the Kyolic Garlic capsules (Whole Foods, HEB), take 2 in a.m. and 2 in p.m. Great for preventing colds, to strengthen the immune system, and more.
  • If feasible, schedule a myers’ cocktail/glutathione combination infusion at least one day or two days before travel and one on your return. Strengthen your immune system.
  • May also take Moducare, a proven product for your immune system and for allergies.

Disclaimer: There is no single scholarly article to support the information contained in this blog. Nevertheless, the information was taken from factual sources and is believed to be factual information.

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