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Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

Food & Drink

– *Conventionally raised meat and dairy products have consistently been tested and found to have the highest levels of “hormone disrupting” chemicals in them.

– *25 million pounds of antibiotics a year are fed to livestock and the animal feed which is highly sprayed with chemicals as well.

– *Animal feed contains high quantities of fat which allow for the storage of these fat-soluble chemicals

– *They are then passed on into the human digestive system and body when you eat these products.

– Choose free-range, hormone, anti-biotic free RGH free, dairy, meats, eggs whenever possible

– Choose fresh, cold-water fish in place of farm raised

– When possible eat organic produce if it is listed on the Dirty Dozen list – Always wash all produce very well before eating, peeling or cooking.

Other Exposure Routes

*Phalates, another toxin, is found in a large majority of plastic packaging and can leach into the foods that you eat.

– Use stainless steel or glass drinking containers, reduce or eliminate all plastic utensils, drinking containers, plates and storage containers.

– Store food in non-plastic containers.

– Never microwave food in plastic containers.


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