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The Science of Hormones.

Dr. Joe NBH and NBH attended a 3 day seminar discussing the latest scientific studies on bioidentical hormones. Below are just a few of the findings that further support what the staff of Natural Bio Health has been saying for years:

Bioidentical Estradiol

Danish Trial: A ten year randomized study of 1006 women using bioidentical estradiol established the following:

  • Decrease risk of heart disease
  • Decreased risk of stroke
  • Decreased risk of breast cancer
  • No increase in DVT (deep veinous thrombosis)

Quotes from this study and others: 

*“Women who take HRT for 10 years following menopause have a significantly reduced risk of mortality, heart failure and heart attack without any increased risk of cancer, DVT or stroke.”

*“Other studies using bioidentical estradiol showed a 60% reduction in coronary calcification, a 50% reduction in cardiovascular events, and a 35% reduction in overall mortality if estrogen is initiated within 10 years of menopause”.

Decreased risk of Breast Cancer: “All studies demonstrate decreased breast epithelial proliferation with (bioidentical) progesterone administration.”

Statins: *“A recent meta-analysis demonstrated a 33% increased risk of breast cancer with use of statins.”

Bioidentical Testosterone

Recent studies have not only shown that high levels of testosterone DO NOT CAUSE prostate cancer but that (1) low levels of T are associated with prostate cancer and (2) men with prostate cancer are being treated without adverse effects.

Quotes from studies:

*“Increasing testosterone well into the supraphysiological range causes no increase in PSA or prostate volume.”

*“There appears to be no association between high serum T and risk of clinical PCA.”

*“Worrisome prognostic features have been associated with low rather than high T.”

*“Prostate Cancer Risk risk is associated with the severity of T deficiency.”

Cache County Study: “The incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease was reduced 50% in HRT (hormone replacement therapy) users.”

“HRT users for more than 10 years experienced a 5 fold lower incidence of AD.”
Note: Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Two thirds of these are women.

Reference: For more information on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, refer to this scholarly article website:

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