Since I am older, isn’t it “natural” not to have hormones? Why replace them?

Video Transcription:

Always, we hear that question a lot about why should I replace hormones? Well, it’s kind of your choice, obviously. Our belief is that even as we age, we should have more youthful hormone levels. They never question a young person with high hormone levels. It’s interesting that as while we age, we’re expected to accept the fact that our hormones have declined.

*Now the problem with that is that when you restore your hormones to more youthful levels, you have a much better quality of life, your sex drive is good, your sleep is good, and you have great energy. When you go to the gym you can actually build muscle! You don’t have to struggle all the time with your weight. So yes, you do have a choice!

Your choice can be, “I’m going to restore my deficient hormones to more youthful levels and have a great quality of life. Where no, I will just accept the natural events of life and let my hormones decline to very low levels.”


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