Support for Patients with Significant G.I. and Immune Distress – PRObiotic 225

Substantial evidence supports the use of high dose probiotics as intensive support for patients with significant G.I. and immune distress.

*PRObiotic 225 takes probiotic potency to the next level for your most challenging cases. Each extra-strength packet is guaranteed to have 225 billion cfu’s at the time of expiration. PRObiotic 225 is formulated to travel easily and requires no refrigeration to retain maximum potency.

*PRObiotic 225 is a multistrain probiotic and each strain has been specially selected for it’s unique metabolic activity and ability to support normal intestinal ecology.

Strength and durability are key elements of probiotic efficacy. *The hardy strains chosen for PRObiotic 225 have been researched and verified to survive the harshness of the GI environment and withstand a variety of pH ranges

Recent in vitro research has shown that significantly increasing probiotic concentrations, elicits a much different immune response in the G.I. tract. By increasing the concentration well beyond typical probiotic dosing, a positive shift in gene expression was observed.


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