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Teenagers can get help with PMS symptoms though cycles of Progesterone

Teenagers can get help with PMS symptoms though cycles of Progesterone

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is NBH. I’m the director of education and research at NBH Lifetime Health. We treat a number of young ladies including teenagers. Now, why would teenagers have hormonal issues? Well, you’ll find out that a lot of teenagers, the minute they start their periods, pretty much within a cycle or two, can have difficulties. Not all, of course. A large number of teenagers have no problems with their periods.

The ones that we typically see have heavy bleeding, cramping, headaches, or maybe they have no periods. The traditional approach is to give these young ladies birth control and maybe even anti-depressants, even at an early age. We take a different approach. We find that if a young lady is deficient in progesterone. That once she starts taking this on what’s called a cyclic basis which just means a few weeks out of the month, just like your body would normally produce progesterone. We find they do much better.

If in fact they have any kind of heavy bleeding, if they have cramps, if they have headaches, migraine headaches, if they have trouble sleeping; and, young ladies can have PMS also. They can be very irritable and very moody especially the week leading up to their period. Our provider NBH, happens to be an expert in the area of PMS and progesterone, and young teenagers. So, what does he do? He will talk to the young teenager. He will determine if in fact she has a hormonal problem and then prescribe appropriate hormones, typically, in the case of young ladies, usually just progesterone.

*Now, what does that do for the young lady? Again, it makes her no longer irritable, makes her no longer moody, and obviously it helps her sleep. If she has any kind of skin problems or any kind of weight problems, typically by balancing the hormones and bringing it back to more optimal levels. The young lady typically does not have these weight problems and her skin starts to clear.


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