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Baby Boomers on Testosterone

Why does testosterone make for a great Father’s Day?

Or Grandfather’s Day? 

NBH, Ph.D., J.D., MBA, FAARFM, ABAAHP, Certified in Brain Fitness

Countless studies have shown that testosterone has significant benefits for  cardiovascular risk factors including improving obesity, metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction. It is also protective of the brain and has a positive effect on  the quality of life.

My white paper on the Truth About Testosterone is available upon request by calling our Austin, Texas clinic where we have been treating men with andropause (or Low T) since 1999. You can also call our San Antonio and College Station clinics. We treat women in menopause with Low T (same benefits) and low lean muscle and many women who are peri-menopausal. It is not just a man’s hormone as it declines in both men and women as we age.

5 Year Testosterone Study. The latest Low T news is about a testosterone study conducted over a 5 year period. The study found that testosterone replacement, when properly supervised, significantly improved each of the following cardiovascular risk factors (as have countless  other studies as shown in my white paper):

  • body weight
  • waist circumference and BMI
  • lowered LDL cholesterol
  • increased HDL cholesterol
  • lowered triglycerides
  • lowered fasting glucose levels
  • decreased HbA1c (diabetic measurement)
  • lowered blood pressure

This five year study also concluded that “ Testosterone treatment resulted in a sustained improvement in erectile function and muscle and joint pain, which contributed to an improvement in long-term health-related quality of life.”  

Source: Long-Term Testosterone Treatment in Elderly Men with Hypogonadism and Erectile Dysfunction Reduces Obesity Parameters and Improves Metabolic Syndrome and Health-Related Quality of Life. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 11, Issue 6, pages 1567–1576, June 2014.

Think you are too old to take testosterone? Meet James Frazier (“Uncle Sonny”) of Austin, Texas. He is my wife’s uncle and is 80 years “young.” He is an architect and a musician who remains active in his profession and plays guitar and sings. He just celebrated his 37th wedding anniversary to his lovely wife Marilyn.

Sonny enrolled in our male testosterone program on January 15, 2014. Since January, Sonny has gained 13.4 lbs. of muscle, lost 30.4 lbs. of fat and his percent body fat has dropped 12.1 % (from 35.4% to 23.8%). He has accomplished all of this in 4 months and is not stopping!

Uncle Sonny states that he has more energy, he is stronger and he looks forward to the future. He also expects to continue losing weight with Natural Bio Health until he reaches his goal of 13% to 14% body fat.

No it is never too late or too early. Whether you are a baby boomer or 30 years of age you should be tested for testosterone deficiency. I am a baby boomer (born 1946) and have benefited from hormone therapy, including testosterone, DHEA and thyroid for 15 years.

Who benefits from testosterone? We have fathers and their sons, their grandfathers and even great grandfathers on our male testosterone program.  These men have all determined that their health is a priority in their lives for them for both them and for their families.  The medical staff of Natural Bio Health, including our MD’s, all have used testosterone therapy for years.  It strengthens the health of baby boomers and many  men in their 30’s whose blood tests show low T.

My brother Walt is a father, a grandfather and a great grandfather. At age 80, he is active in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Elks’ Club in Vancouver, Washington. He is going strong at age 80 and has been on the Natural Bio Health program since 2011.

What to do for Father’s Day (or any day). I believe that a great gift is the gift of health. Whether a man is 30 years of age or 80  or 90 years of age, they should be tested for testosterone deficiency. The test should include many other important tests. It is never too late to be great and to improve your quality of life. Protect the heart and quality of life of the men in your life.

Testosterone deficiency (TD) is a common clinical condition, which contributes to
co-morbidities including loss of muscle mass, increased fat mass, increased inflammation, insulin resistance, risk of vascular disease, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, depressed mood and reduced quality of life.“ Source: PubMed. 2014.

Success story for the diet.

“The diet at Natural Bio Health was easy to adhere to. The constant monitoring by Megan and her support was what led to such great results! My energy level has continued to increase as well as my endurance in physical activities. I have not felt this good since my early 20’s and I will continue to maintain my weight loss with the help and guidelines given to me at NBH. I will recommend this program to anyone that needs some assistance in losing weight and gaining confidence in long term health.” I lost 26.5 lbs.  including 24.1lbs of body fat. And my body fat percentage decreased by  10% on the diet. W.R. Austin, Texas, Female. Started diet 3.26.2014.

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