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The Benefits of Bone Broth

The Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone Broth, Austin, Natural Health

We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz about bone broth at some time or another in recent years. From homemade to store-bought brands, there is a lot of talk on the proposed benefits of bone broth. Sometimes referred to as stock- bone broth not only tastes good, but it also offers that familiar feeling of childhood comfort from grandma. Humans have been consuming liquids infused with bones since as early as prehistoric times, and today there are various known benefits to drinking bone broth.

Bone broth is a time-tested food. You may have had bone broth during a cold/flu or added it to chicken soup. Bone broth is used in varied recipes on almost every continent, used by many cultures of the world for various ailments, bone broth can be described as an ultimate functional food. It is a functional food because of the many components within it that add to the health. (Check out our recent article on functional foods here). Although there is debate within the scientific community about the extent to which bone broth is truly healing, there can be no doubt that it is health-promoting and has stood the test of time by being used by ancient cultures across the globe. Its main benefiting factor is its great nutritional value.

The main components which give bone broth such nutritional value are the bones and connective tissue. Bone broth is made by soaking the bones of chicken, pork, beef, or fish in water for a period of time. The nutrients within the bones and connective tissue are released into the water, and then consumed as broth. Usually, vegetables are added which increases the nutritional value of the broth further

The following nutrients have been found in bone broth, which is beneficial to health:

  1. Collagen (gelatin)
  2. Amino acids
  3. Minerals
  4. Vitamins

These nutrients promote hydration, good sleep, weight management, lowered inflammation, can protect joints, as well as benefit the digestive system.

It is not possible to say how much of a particular nutrient will be present in bone broth, since it depends on the bones themselves, the length of time they were cooked in the water, among other factors. But despite this, trace minerals and nutrients are found in bone broth, and thus it is a health benefitting food when consumed.

  1. Collagen
    • Found as gelatin in bone broth, collagen is a vital structural protein. Gelatin contains important amino acids that support joint health. The gelatin in bone broth has also been shown to promote a feeling of fullness (compared to drinking pure water). This feeling of fullness could result in a lowered intake of calories, and thus can be beneficial to either weight loss or a weight maintenance program.
  1. Amino acids
    • Certain anti-inflammatory amino acids such glycine, alanine, hydroxyproline, and proline are found in bone broth.
  1. Minerals
    • Bone marrow is rich in minerals such as iron, selenium, zinc, and manganese. It also contains minerals that are needed for good hormone health, particularly thyroid health.  (Check out our online store for some great thyroid support options.
  1. Vitamins
    • Key vitamins found in bone broth are Vitamins A and K2. These are beneficial for immune health, skin, bones, and teeth.

Although there is much research still to be done on the exact benefits of bone broth particularly relating to illness or ailment cures, it is safe to say that bone broth is health-promoting and will be beneficial to add to your other efforts for a healthy lifestyle. Many people do not get enough nutrients in their daily diet, and thus consuming bone broth regularly is an effective way to increase nutrient intake. Overall, it can be seen why many cultures have used bone broth, and why it is commonly used when someone is ill. The nutritional content of the broth can boost or support immune health and provide the body with vital nutrients. This may not necessarily fight the disease itself but will strengthen the body and immune system.

Adding bone broth to your daily or weekly health regime can be beneficial for your overall health. At Natural Bio Health, we are committed to investigating your holistic and overall health. We encourage you to implement not only the necessary treatment protocols needed to help you, but also teach you to the importance of adding healthy lifestyle habits into your routine.

Consuming bone broth is one of the healthy lifestyle habits you can add to your life – particularly if you are on a weight loss/management program or receiving hormone therapy from our clinic. If you are looking to strengthen your immune system, taking bone broth along with your other supplements and functional foods is recommended, particularly during these fall and winter months.

Helpful tip: there are many good store-bought options for bone broth, but it is also simple to make at home. A simple crock pot-based recipe can be found here.

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