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The Future of Medicare

The Future of Medicare

I have to comment on an article in the Austin American Statesman recently about Medicare and its future. With over 1.5 million baby boomers a year signing up, the solvency of the program will be in jeopardy by 2034. Many retirees reap more than $100,000 or more in benefits over and above the payroll taxes they paid in during their careers. Also it is estimated that 20-30% of the more than 500 billion spent on treatments and procedures are of little or no benefit to patients.

How can we prevent this, it is simple, focus on prevention rather than treatment and the medical expenses in our next generation and even our present generation can be cut substantially. Drug companies, providers and the government focus on treatment of illnesses rather than on their prevention. Weight reduction, exercise and hormone balance is crucial to good health. I repeat over and over again that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” You can’t buy good health you have to embrace the process to get there.



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