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The holidays are here. Are you feeling Stressed?

The holidays are here. Are you feeling Stressed?

Stress Affects Every Aspect of Our Lives

Life is stressful any time of year, and this stress can cause a multitude of symptoms and illnesses. Many suffer from chronic stress and wonder why nothing they do seems to make them feel better. The effects of stress, low energy, anxiety, poor sleep and irritation can result from multiple causes. *These can include unhealthy flora (gut health), genetic predispositions, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and harmful or ineffective medical treatments including the use of anti-depressants and sleeping pills. Personal problems can of course also lead to physical symptoms.

NBH Lifetime Health offers an integrated approach to medicine that combines the sciences of Anti-Aging Medicine, Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine to focus on the individual and the CAUSE of any underlying health issues including STRESS. We believe that treating the cause is the key to wellness. Once the reason for the cause is determined, we team with our clients to help them fully recover – without the use of drugs and/or surgery.

For example, a woman may come in complaining of stress, poor sleep, memory loss and being “tired all the time.” She may also complain of anxiety, weight gain and low sex drive. Some complain of hot flashes or night sweats and belly fat. *These symptoms are consistent with low levels of the hormones progesterone and thyroid (and maybe testosterone) and low levels of estrogen in post-menopausal women. The more traditional approach is to prescribe a synthetic hormone (if any), an anti-depressant and maybe a sleeping pill. She may also be told: “You are getting old. Get used to it” or “Make an appointment with a psychiatrist.”

Our approach is to first obtain comprehensive lab tests to include hormonal testing and cortisol and insulin testing. Cortisol is the STRESS hormone and insulin is a fat storage hormone. We conduct a full health history and discuss  dietary habits, exercise routine, lifestyle and any supplement program.

At NBH Lifetime Health, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION TO ALL. This means you can visit one of four clinics, meet with a qualified medical person, meet our qualified staff persons and receive a FREE FULL BODY COMPOSITION. Then YOU decide if one of our programs will help you.

Call 1-800-908-0233  For Your Free Consultation.


NBH, is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. He has extensive experience in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology, bioidentical hormone therapy and weight loss. He was Clinical Associate Professor at Baylor School of Medicine and has 30 years of experience treating infertility, PMS and other health issues of women.



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