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The Weight Loss Cure

The Weight Loss Cure

We recently published an article in Austin Fit Magazine about the results we have seen with our Prescription Hormones patients.

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“The Weight Loss Cure –

The Revolutionary Plan That Reshapes Your Body

Gets Rid of Abnormal Fat, Increases Your Metabolism
Eliminates Hunger And Food Cravings

Does It Really Work?

BY: NBH, Clinic Director, NBH Lifetime Health


The “Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About” was the title of a bestselling book published in the year 2007. After its publication, our clinic staff began receiving phone calls asking about the “cure.” We read the book and were skeptical. The supposed “cure” was based on the use of a natural hormone, Human Chorionic Gonatropin (Prescription Hormones), combined with a low calorie diet (500 calories).

The book’s PROMISE was: “Lose 1 pound of body fat a day and cure obesity for life.”

The author touted the Simeon Protocol, stating that it “had been used and tested for over thirty years by over 100,000 people with virtually an amazing success rate.” The author further stated that it was the “greatest medical discovery relating to obesity and weight loss of all time.”

For more than ten years, our clinics have offered medical weight loss and bioidentical hormone therapy to thousands of clients in Texas. Therefore, we were hesitant yet excited at the prospect of offering a new weight loss program that allowed people to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively — and keep it off. After studying the science, we decided to offer the program with some practical modifications by our medical staff. We started a pilot program in 2008 and treated patients with success. In 2009, we began treating 100’s of clients. Our experiences are shown herein. The conclusion is that a calorie restricted diet with Prescription Hormones is a very effective weight loss program when conducted properly.

Experiences (after treating more than 1000 clients in 2009):

  • *Women can lose up to 20 to 30 pounds in 40 days.
  • *Men can lose up to 30 to 40 pounds in 40 days.
  • *Men and women can lose up to 100 lbs. and more with multiple rounds.
  • *Cholesterol Profiles are improved as verified by Lab tests (part of the program).
  • *Hypertension is frequently eliminated or improved as verified by blood pressure readings.
  • *Clients with sleep apnea or less severe sleep issues reported they were sleeping well.
  • *Most clients maintained or even increased their skeletal muscle mass and basal metabolic rate. (See graph. Measurements verified with the In-Body Analysis Machine).
  • *Clients lose fat not muscle and feel better while they are dieting.
  • *No loss of skin elasticity. Skin stays firm and often gains a healthy glow.

Importance of Findings: *Unlike most calorie restricted diets, Prescription Hormones preserves lean muscle mass even while on a calorie restricted diet (See Graph) and maintains the basal metabolic rate. Therefore, the result is significant fat loss as well as total weight loss. Clients lose several inches off their waists (and other areas where fat may be stored – hips, buttocks).

*“I have lost 44 pounds, accomplished in two Prescription Hormones rounds with a 4 week break in between. My loss after the first round was 27 pounds. Ordinarily, I would have been thrilled with that amount of weight loss and would have been delighted to stop right there. But the protocol was so easy to follow and I felt so great on it, that I decided to go for a second round. After two rounds and a total weight loss of 44 pounds, again I am making the decision to go forward for another round because it is not hard to follow and I feel my health has been so greatly improved by the weight loss and healthy eating.” S.G., Austin

*The Weight Loss Cure Claimed “1 lb. per day and virtually unbelievable success.”
Our findings were that the majority of clients achieved their weight loss goals. However, there were some exceptions. Unusual stress, unresolved hormonal issues and lack of commitment can prevent success. Further, women can expect to lose ½ lb. to ¾ lb. per day instead of 1 lb. per day. Men can lose up to 1 lb. per day but ¾ lb. per day is a more realistic goal.

The Weight Loss Cure Claimed It Could “Cure obesity for life.” Most of our clients have maintained their weight loss by continuing to eat healthy and exercising. At our clinics, we address any hormonal deficiencies to ensure long term success. We do not have enough long term data yet to support the “Cure obesity for life” claim even though our clients have experienced success. It should be noted that some have regained some weight after completing the program. A follow-up program is necessary in most cases.

Hormones – A Significant Factor in Weight Loss. It has been our experience that hormonal deficiencies or imbalances are a significant factor in the inability to lose weight or keep it off.
In women, hormonal issues can range from an underactive thyroid, hysterectomies,
peri-menopausal difficulties, menopause, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), birth control devices or surgeries, and the use of synthetic hormones. In men, it includes low testosterone, low DHEA, and andropause. These factors play an essential role in permanent weight loss.

Note: The Calorie Restricted Diet is a medical program that requires an experienced Medical Doctor to direct and supervise. A 500 calorie diet with Prescription Hormones can be very successful. However, it can also lead to medical problems if not properly directed.

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Note: Prescription Hormones is not FDA approved for the treatment of weight loss or obesity. It is used in our austin weight loss clinic in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet for the purpose of aiding in the preservation of muscle and basal metabolic rate and its help in reducing hunger.


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