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There are Many Blessings in Life

There are Many Blessings in Life

Note From Dr. Emily, Naturopathic Doctor

My Story.

I recently found out that I am pregnant with our first child.  Having tried with no success for two years, I was beginning to think that God had other things in store for me.  Over these last two years, my husband, John, calmly reassured me that everything would work out when it was the right time.  I think it is no coincidence that my husband’s last name is Job, pronounced just like Job in the Bible.  John has the patience of Job.  I am learning from him, that patience does not always mean waiting until you get what you want, but trusting in what does happen even if it is different from your expectations.


My medical mind kept raising thoughts and questions about infertility and what could be wrong with either one of us.  Both my husband and I have been generally health conscious our whole lives (of course we both had a few hiccups in our younger years, as many people do), but since we met 9 years ago, my drive to be healthier has grown immensely stronger.  I want as much time on this Earth with my husband as I can possibly have, and I want us to both feel good and enjoy healthy lives together.  So, two years ago, I started my personal journey of getting my hormones balanced and doing what I could to improve my health and the health of my husband.

Naturopathic Medicine and Self Treatment

Going through Naturopathic Medical school, I learned wonderful things about science, health and ways to improve and when possible reverse disease.  This knowledge has helped me serve my patients and optimize their level of health.  However, I was never very good at doing the same for myself.  No one should try to be their own provider, even if they are a provider.  I started working with my provider to get my thyroid figured out and my hormones balanced.  My main drive to get healthier was that I wanted to have a baby with my sweet husband.  If I didn’t have my husband and now soon to be first born, I am not sure where I would have found the motivation to get better.  I hope that I would have found it within myself to get better for my own sake.  But for now, I have the two best reasons I can think of to continually work on improving my health. 


A New Birth


I’m writing this because I’m currently experiencing one of those moments in life that makes us stop in our tracks and double check that we are on the right path.  These moments sometimes come in the shape of a terrible tragedy or in the first weeks of new love or in seeing the quick flutter of your baby’s heart beat on ultrasound for the first time.  You never know how life might jolt you out of the day-to-day hum-drum, but when it does, you better be ready to make some changes!  I take moments like this as signs from God, because I think they can be life-changing and life-saving.  Your moment may even come when you realize that you have just not been feeling well for a number of years and you are tired of it.  Whether the moment comes as a whisper or a scream, listen to it.  Life is too incredibly precious, not to listen.

Improving Lives

I now find myself working in a life-changing and life-saving clinic, and I am so extremely happy to be a part of it.  Now, even though it may be pregnancy hormones urging me to write this, I hope you all can feel my sincerity.  Coming into Natural Bio Health (NBH) has been a breath of fresh air.  Working together with the providers and staff with the goal of improving the lives of the patients that come through our doors is such an honor and privilege.  Having been here for only a month, I have already lost count of the number of times the providers have shared a case of a patient who has been ill for years on end but who has made a 180 degree turn-around with their treatment.

One of the things that sets NBH apart, in my opinion, is that we can take a set of lab results that look “normal,” and we can find the nuances and functional abnormalities that can be contributing to someone’s illness.  We also understand that people are not just lab numbers. The signs and symptoms that a person is experiencing are a storyline that can lead us to the root of their problems.

Because all of my labs were always normal, it took this type of approach to get me out of the depths of being 20 and sometimes 30 lbs. over-weight, fatigued, and depressed.  I also have to say that it took a couple of major life decisions to get me on this road to feeling better and so much happier.

Advice for Living

My best advice is that you remember to work hard, play in the sun, sleep in the dark, love the people you have around you, and laugh as much as possible.  When you can do these things, much of your health will fall into place.  But also do not be afraid to take those big steps toward finding out your imbalances and learning how you can improve your health.


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