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Ultimate FloraMax 30 Billion – Advanced Naturals

Ultimate FloraMax 30 Billion – Advanced Naturals

Ultimate FloraMax 30 Billion

High-Potency, Daily Care Probiotic Formula

• 30 Billion Live Probiotic Cultures per Capsule†

• 10 Beneficial Probiotic Strains

• High Bifidobacteria Supports Colon Health*

• Relieves Digestive Discomfort*

• Maintains Digestive Balance*

• Supports Regularity*

• Delayed Release Capsules

• Dairy & Gluten Free



Ultimate FloraMax 30 Billion is a probiotic supplement that contains 30 billion live cultures per capsule.

Benefits Include:

• 30 billion live cultures per caspule

• 18 billion Bifidobacteria per capsule

• 10 beneficial probiotic strains

• *Delayed release capsules to protect live cultures from harsh stomach acid

• Once daily convenience

•* Formulated to more closely simulate the human digestive tract


What are the Benefits of Probiotics?

The name probiotic, which means “for life,” describes the benefit these friendly bacteria provide to the human body.


Probiotics play a role in:

• Digestion

• Regularity

• Immunity

• Nutrient production and absorption

• Production of short-chain fatty acids that promote a healthy colon


High-Bifido for Optimum Benefits

Many probiotic supplements are formulated to contain predominantly Lactobacilli. Yet, Bifidobacteria are the most prevalent probiotic in a healthy colon. Bifidobacteria ferment dietary fiber and produce byproducts such as B vitamins and short chain fatty acids that promote the health of the entire body. With age our level of Bifidobacteria declines, so Ultimate FloraMax 30 Billion provides a higher ratio of Bifido to Lacto (more similar to the ratio found in the human digestive tract).

Effective and Cost-Friendly

• *Helps replenish essential Bifido colonies that decline as we age in a balanced, easy-dose formula.

•*Recommended to help mitigate mild to moderate digestive irregularity, relieve occasional constipation

and diarrhea, and optimize intestinal immune health.

•*An adjusted potency probiotic for those without acute needs at a cost-friendly price.

•*Can be used for younger patients who need more probiotic support.


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