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Weight Loss Clinic in Austin – Lifetime Health Weight Loss

Weight Loss Clinic in Austin – Lifetime Health Weight Loss

Video Transcription:

*My name’s Raphael Jenense and I was actually referred to Natural Bio Health about a year ago in January. And, when I first went into the clinic, I was weighing about 355 lbs; my blood pressure was about 155 over 99. I used to be a little bit lethargic, you know, I would run out of steam every day at work, about four or five o’clock; just be dead tired after that.

Working out every once in awhile, just whenever I had the energy. Went into Natural Bio Health, you know for the first consultative visit, basically see what’s going on. They took a blood test of me and they were actually able to tailor a program that was specific to my body type and what was going on, you know, within my system.

With a blood test, basically they go in and take your levels so the sucrose…basically make sure that you’re not diabetic or anything like that. They’ll go in and also test for your triglycerides. They’ll test for cholesterol. In my case, I was actually found I have low testosterone levels and a little bit elevated estrogen which they were able to correct through some medicines.

As well as low levels of the HEA which is what controls your metabolism and again through medication I was able to get that basically on the right level playing field. Subsequently, I’ve been able to lose about 70 lbs. in about a course of about nine or ten months and been able to maintain it off. MG level through the roof!

You know the program’s probably the easiest that I’ve ever been able to stay on and as a matter of fact, it doesn’t even feel like I’m on any program at all. I was actually able to just have a tremendous amount of energy! I can’t stay out of the gym now, as a matter of fact. Just feel an overall sense of just satisfaction and quite frankly, I can’t wait to get the next test done.

Well obviously, you know with my body type and the different levels that I have. I’ll actually be on this program, you know, for the rest of my life. But what I expect out of it quite frankly is I’m going to be able to get to any weight that I want or desire, and be able to maintain it. Just basically being myself! I can’t thank you enough for the new way of life that I have, the new confidence in myself. I literally owe you guys my life.


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