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What makes smart weight loss different from the norm? It’s not just about getting superficial results in time for your next trip to the beach or pool. Intelligent weight loss is about achieving a healthier lifestyle that improves your outlook and prospects for the future.

At Natural Bio Health, we’re firmly committed to our mission of helping you lose weight safely and effectively. To us, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in search of a permanent confidence gain to make the LoDo nightlife more fun or simply want to improve your stamina and health so that you can enjoy natural wonders like Rocky Mountain National Park with your family and friends. Regardless who you are or what your story is, we work hard to help you stay motivated, educated and reinvigorated about pursuing your healthy weight goals.

The Natural Bio Health Approach

When it comes to tricky topics like weight loss*, there are plenty of ways to rise to the challenge. Unfortunately, not all methods are equally beneficial, and some may even worsen the health risks that obesity sufferers already face.

A diet regimen that starves you might seem to produce quick results, but by robbing your body of vital nutrition, it could ultimately worsen your health issues. Although exercise is essential to achieving a healthy target weight, generic workout programs that push you to the limit without accounting for what you’re eating or what’s in your medical history are highly unreliable. We believe that you deserve far better.

At Natural Bio Health, we’ve adopted a comprehensive methodology specifically designed to target more than just your waist size

Our programs revolve around initial medical evaluations and regular follow-up visits that help you understand why you’re gaining weight so that you can change your lifestyle. This novel strategy lets us connect you with a greater diversity of tools, knowledge and techniques that help you not only lose pounds* but maintain a healthier way of living.

Customized Plans for Unique Individual

One of the biggest flaws of typical weight-loss plans is that they’re generic. To promote all-inclusive products and regimens, these programs try to stuff everyone into the same mold regardless whether it’s a good fit.

We think that your weight-management strategies should suit your personality, body and lifestyle. Since 1999, we’ve proven that successful weight-loss* strategies are those that accommodate patients with comprehensive treatment. With customized diet plans, physician-supervised exercise strategies and a holistic approach tailored to the individual, we’re proud to help you do more than just try to look better: We specialize in helping you feel better*.

If you’ve dealt with weight issues*, then you’re well aware that people are all too ready to judge you based on appearances

At Natural Bio Health, we empower you to find self-worth based on what’s inside by taking control of your health. To find out more, talk to our specialists in the Mile High City today.

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Customized Programs

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Our Providers will discuss the right program based on your goals and individual needs.

Why Natural Bio Health?

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Health Advantages


Losing weight often helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and may have a positive impact on diabetes. Some clients report feeling great while on the diet with no side effects. Most report that they are continuing their new healthy lifestyle and maintaining their weight loss. Patient reviews about the customized diet plans say it’s a motivating diet that gives you confidence to reduce calories  and “bad” carbohydrates from the diet.*

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Mike and Leslie:

“We have a group of friends in the ages of 40 to 55. A few of them got on the Natural Bio Health Program and we watched them transform themselves. So we decided to do the program together. When our group all went to the beach that summer, we saw a bunch of 20 and 30 year olds. Our group looked better.”*

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