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The First Step, Is The Hardest!

Since 1999, Natural Bio Health has been helping tens of thousands of patients lose weight* and keep it off. Find out which weight loss program is best for you and take control of your life today!

The Natural Bio Health Way

1. Initial Visit

Our initial visit begins with a medical evaluation by one of our Doctors or physician assistants (PA’s), to fully understand your goals and expectations. The evaluation includes a private weigh in, and a body composition analysis which gives BMI and estimates body fat percentage. The evaluation also includes a detailed medical history, physical exam and comprehensive blood panel. The Doctor or PA will discuss, in detail, the recommended weight loss* program. In addition to prescribed medications and supplements, custom “fresh ready to eat” meal plan, diet and exercise recommendations will be given.

2. Follow-up Visit

Follow up visits are scheduled weekly, for the duration of the program. At each visit, you will have a private weigh in, body composition performed and a review of your personal Health Journal. You will meet with a Doctor or PA to discuss all aspects of your program including efficacy of prescribed medication, and diet and exercise compliance and/or challenges. At each visit, you will be educated and given tools to help you continue or maintain your weight loss.

3. Maintenance Program

At Natural Bio Health, we understand that “keeping the weight off” is a challenging obstacle for anyone who has lost weight. We continue to see you on as needed basis, provide continual education, health tips, and support after any weight loss* program is completed. You are part of the Natural Bio Health Family!


26 Day Program
43 Day Program
Appetite Suppressant Programs
Weight Loss Counseling
Low Calorie Diets
B12 Injections
Vitamins / Supplements

Discuss the right program based on your goals with one of our doctors.

Why Natural Bio Health?

Holistic Approach
Physician Supervised
No Contracts
Supports and Guidance
Flexible Scheduling

Health Advantages


Losing weight often helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and may have a positive impact on diabetes. Some clients report feeling great while on the diet with no side effects. Most report that they are continuing their new healthy lifestyle and maintaining their weight loss. Patient reviews about the customized diet plans say it’s a motivating diet that gives you confidence to reduce calories  and “bad” carbohydrates from the diet.*

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Mike and Leslie:

“We have a group of friends in the ages of 40 to 55. A few of them got on the Natural Bio Health Program and we watched them transform themselves. So we decided to do the program together. When our group all went to the beach that summer, we saw a bunch of 20 and 30 year olds. Our group looked better.”*

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