Testing for Prevention.

Our brain health testing assesses mental function on a real-time basis and objectively looks at the quality (speed) and voltage (power) of our brain, reaction time, attention, visual screening ability and speed of processing.

Health advantages.

Our advanced brain health testing provides panoramic visuals of the brain that can help us identify potential areas of concern. With this data we can better recommend potential prevention and treatment plans.

In-depth analysis.

• Dementia and alzheimer's.
• Concussion.
• Depression and anxiety.

The WAVi platform.

What is a brain health test?

Our new non-invasive Brain Testing Platform, created by WAVi, couples cognitive and brain‐electrical activity information through EEG, evoked responses, and traditional performance screenings. This tool allows us to measure brain health in conjunction with your wellness and health journey, to assess mental function in real-time, and to objectively explore several variables including:

What's the purpose of the test?

We look for signs of the following:

Frequently asked questions.

What happens during the testing?

A lightweight headset will be placed on your head with sensors to measure your brain’s responses a series of tests on the computer. You can expect for your hair to get slightly wet during the process, as sterile water is used for the sensors.

What happens after the test?

You will receive detailed test results, as well as a consultation with a Natural Bio Health provider to discuss next steps in your Wellness and Health Journey.

Why Natural Bio Health?

• All-natural, holistic approach.
• Practicing since 1999.
• You will never wait too long to see your provider.
• Dedicated, quality time with your provider.
• Unlimited clinic visits.
• Access to all-natural wellness products.
• One-time patient enrollment; no annual fees.

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