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What estrogen replacement therapy can do for you

What estrogen replacement therapy can do for you

The importance of estrogen cannot be stressed any more. A woman suffering under all the painful and hard to handle pains of menopausal symptoms should strongly consider estrogen and progesterone supplementation. *In a scientific research study, women with this special supplementation ended up with an increase of well-being. Symptoms of menopause such as vaginal dryness and urinary infections can also be helped with estrogen supplementation. The genitourinary tract is lined with estrogen receptors. A lower level of estrogen means there will be negative effects on the vagina’s environment. This not only affects a woman physically, but changes her sex life as well. Sex can become too painful, and thus, not an activity a menopausal woman wants to actively pursue. Add the mood swings and it can feel like you’re out of sync with your partner.

The main issue here is the mucosa. It does not function optimally during menopause, leaving the vagina without the proper amounts of lubrication. *Estrogen restores vaginal tone and elasticity, increases blood flow, and enhances the vagina’s lubricating ability as well. But in addition to improving the state of your vagina, estrogen replacement therapy can help your skin out. Many women are afraid that after menopause, they will see their skin become dry, thin, and wrinkled. Estrogen’s protective nature really does numbers on your skin to prevent the thinning commonly seen on women after menopause. *Estrogen replacement therapy helps you maintain healthier, thicker skin. Without this treatment, women have been spending time and money picking out the perfect sprays, creams, and other skin cosmetic treatments to get their skin glowing and looking young. With estrogen treatment, now they won’t have to. It’ll be a relief to know that there is a simple solution to all their skin woes.

*Estrogen helps to naturally tighten sagging skin so that you don’t have to worry about all those petty wrinkles. Not to worry about this type of estrogen treatment—with over 40 years of study, therapy has shown that all the common symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and skin atrophy can be rid of. So it is a good idea to consider continuing treatment even after the menopause stage as estrogen can really maintain health long after you are done with menopause and are simply getting on with the business of aging well. Do think about the long-term benefits as they last way past the temporary ones.


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