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What Makes Natural Bio Health’s Genetic Testing Different Than the Kits Available Online?

What Makes Natural Bio Health’s Genetic Testing Different Than the Kits Available Online?

What Makes Natural Bio Health’s Genetic Testing Different Than the Kits Available Online?

Genetic testing, also referred to as DNA testing, is an exciting development in the field of medicine. A person’s genes can show them if they may be predisposed to certain conditions and why. They can also explain conditions the person currently faces.

Since the advent of genetic testing in the 1980s, there have been many remarkable advances in the field. One of the most significant is the ability for people to obtain an individualized Genetic Health Profile that addresses specific areas of their health.

Despite these advances, many testing methods fail to provide functional, clinical information from medical experts on how to address your genetic predispositions. Natural Bio Health is different. Our genetic testing will show you what’s in your DNA and how you can help prevent your genes from causing serious health conditions.

Insight into Your Genetic Health Background

We all have mutations (also referred to as variations) in our DNA. Some of these mutations can result in serious health conditions if not treated with lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, or other appropriate methods, such as hormone treatment.

By having a deeper understanding of your genetic health background through genetic testing, you can address the specific health issues that may affect you now or in the future.

Not all genetic testing is the same, however. Many tests can detect whether you may be predisposed to develop a certain disease or health condition. But Natural Bio Health’s genetic testing is significantly more advanced. It equips you with a Genetic Health Profile that contains specific information unique to your genetic health background and predispositions.

A Genetic Health Profile can offer you explanations and possible solutions for a range of health challenges, including poor hormonal function, low testosterone, poor estrogen metabolism, bipolar disorder, depression, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, auto-immune conditions, drug reactions, sleep issues, digestive issues, difficulty losing weight, and obesity to name a few.

Confidential Testing, Precise Treatments

Over 75% of humans have significant genetic weaknesses (SNPs) in the most vital pathways of nutritional metabolism. Millions of individuals spend their valuable income on nutritional supplements without knowing if those supplements are meeting their specific nutritional needs.

Some genetic tests on the market offer various testing methods and prescribe vitamins and supplements based on the test results. But without getting a genetic validation of your enzyme function, you may be using supplements that are not being delivered effectively at the cellular level.

At Natural Bio Health, we have developed comprehensive genetic testing kits that provide a precise way to analyze each person’s specific needs. Our genetic test is a simple test conducted in-office. Testing takes 5 to 10 minutes, with the option to take the test at home. After completing your genetic test, you will meet with a Natural Bio Health provider for a full consultation to review your test results and Genetic Health Profile.

The providers at Natural Bio Health use advanced methods to provide insights into your genetic health and possible genetic deficiencies, and recommend treatments based on your test results.  Our treatments for genetic mutations combine guidance on your diet and lifestyle with all-natural pharmaceutical-grade supplements. The nutritional ingredients in these results-based supplements will help provide a unique solution to your specific genetic-based metabolic needs.

Many genetic testing “kits” are known for sharing personal information obtained through the test with public databases and records. Rest assured that when you receive genetic testing through Natural Bio Health, we guarantee that your information will remain confidential. And Natural Bio Health will never share your information with other public databases and records.

How Natural Bio Health Can Help You

Do you want to learn what variations are in your DNA and what modifications you can make to prevent serious health conditions down the road? The team at Natural Bio Health has the advanced genetic testing and expert genetic counseling you are looking for!

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