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What To Expect At An Initial Consultation At An Austin Weight Loss & Natural Hormone Clinic

What To Expect At An Initial Consultation At An Austin Weight Loss & Natural Hormone Clinic

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is Amber. I work with NBH Lifetime Health. I have a lot of people call me and ask me what to expect during a consultation. What we’re going to do is meet with you to basically talk about your goals and figure out which programs would be best for you. We do this by having you fill out a health history form that will give us medical background information, as well as personal background information on you that will help us best to get to know you and know what your lifestyle would be most conducive for.

From there, we like to do a body composition analysis that will tell us your fat mass as well as your muscle density, and calculate a metabolic rate. This will help you compare your own personal goals and figure out what would be best for you as far as a pound loss goal. Once we’ve filled out your health history forms and done your body composition analysis, we’ll give you a copy of that body composition for you to keep on your own and compare to later comps to see your progress.

From there, we’ll take you in to see the provider who will review your health history as well as your body comp, and talk to you about your goals to help you decide which programs are going to be best for you. This could take about 30 to 45 minutes and will best help us to decide how to treat you. Once you’ve met with our medical staff and decided which program is best for you, we’ll set you up to get your labs done, depending on which program you are doing. And, from there schedule you an appointment to come in, go over those labs and prescribe accordingly depending on what your weight loss or hormonal goals are.

If the hormone program is what’s appropriate for you, after receiving the lab work back you’ll come in to meet with our medical staff who’ll go over your labs extensively with you, provide you with a copy and help you decide together which hormones would be best for you. Upon deciding which hormones are best, we’ll place an order with our compounding pharmacy and we’ll receive your order to your home or to our clinic within a matter of days.

As far as follow-up appointments go, if you’re on our Diet program, we do like to see you once a week to weigh-in and check on how you’re doing. We’ll also give you a B-12 shot and do an interview to make sure that everything is going as it should, if needed we’ll make adjustments. If you’re on the phentermine program, we like to see you about once a month to refill your prescription, check your weight loss, and see how everything’s going. If you’re on our hormone program, we like to see you within a couple of weeks of getting on your hormones to make sure that you understand everything and that everything’s going well.

After that, we like to see you every couple weeks to every couple months, depending on how you’re doing. If you’re looking to lose weight but our diet isn’t quite the program for you, we also offer the appetite suppressant phentermine. It’s the most common and popular appetite suppressant and it’s extremely reliable. We’ve had patients lose up to 100 pounds on that program! It may not be as rapid as the diet but it works wonderfully, and patients love it.


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