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Who is a Good Candidate for a WAVi Brain Health Scan?

Who is a Good Candidate for a WAVi Brain Health Scan?

Is It Time for a Checkup for Your Brain?

Whether you’re approaching your golden years or just striking out on your own, taking care of both your mental and physical health is essential to your success and wellbeing. Seeing a provider or other specialist right away if you struggle with illness or cognitive impairment is important, but there might be more you could do to protect your brain health too. Having a WAVi brain health scan performed can be a great way to gain insight into health and memory issues.

Should I Have a WAVi Brain Health Scan?

Suffering from an illness that affects your brain might seem scary, but there’s a great deal of power in knowing exactly what you face. A brain scan is a great choice if you need clarity regarding a depression diagnosis or if you want to better understand how PTSD affects your wellbeing. The WAVi scan is also ideal for individuals who want to identify the very earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s or who are concerned about cognitive function after a possible concussion. Of course, it is also FDA approved as a diagnostic tool for ADD and ADHD.

The WAVi scan can also be used to help you better understand an illness with which you’ve already been diagnosed. Paired with other diagnostic tools, a brain scan is a powerful tool to help you understand the dynamics of certain illnesses. The scan is used to identify and assess problems including

  • memory loss,
  • the pre-symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia,
  • PTSD,
  • depression,
  • anxiety and
  • concussions.

How the WAVi Brain Health Scan Works

During the scan, a certified brain health coach will place a lightweight headset on your head. You’ll be asked to complete some mental tasks while your coach looks at cognitive and electrical activity in the brain. The scan can identify cognitive impairments and can even reveal whether the different hemispheres of your brain are symmetrical. This is helpful because different regions of the brain are associated with specific ailments. After the test is over, your coach will provide your results and will talk with you about your brain health needs.

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