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Why should I take hormones?

Why should I take hormones?

Video Transcription:

There are a number of reasons to take hormones. As we age, all of our hormones decline. Typically the diseases of aging are in part related to the lack of hormones. When we’re young, we can also have hormone deficiencies. We in fact treat a lot of young ladies that have hormone deficiencies, particularly surrounding their periods. Those are the most obvious symptoms.

Many of our clients who come to us have symptoms. They could be anywhere from poor sleep to lack of energy to irritability, moodiness to low sex drive to “I’m gaining weight. Why can’t I lose weight?” All these things are common symptoms. Sometimes ladies have obviously hot flashes in their later years.

These are all related to the lack of hormones. A lot of disease processes like heart disease, breast cancer, uterine cancer, rectal cancer; the heart disease in men, prostate cancer. These are all related in one way or another to hormones. So, it’s very important to check your hormones and to replace those that are deficient.


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