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Well, it’s not that you shouldn’t necessarily trust your endocrinologist or your family doctor. But if you’re talking about replacing hormones, you’ll find that most of the clients that we see have already seen their family doctor. They’ve already seen their endocrinologist but they’re not getting the results they’re looking for.

For example, they’re still tired. They still have energy issues. That they may still have hot flashes if that’s an issue. Their sex drive may still be low so they tried to be treated by the conventional medicine. Again, conventional medicine for example, will give us a synthetic thyroid. A synthetic thyroid medicine does not contain the natural thyroid T4 and T3. It does contain T4.

Many people will find that by treating with these synthetic thyroids, they’re just not feeling the benefits. This is also true of synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones can cause and increase risk of breast cancer, can cause a decline in your quality of life and these risks are definite risks that are caused by synthetic hormones. Again, the problem is the conventional doctor is not educated to deal with natural bio-identical hormones.


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