Why should you be under medical supervision with Prescription Hormones?

Video Transcription:

Medical supervision is very important under Prescription Hormones. Candidly, it’s probably not because of the Prescription Hormones. If you buy Prescription Hormones online for example, it may contain nothing that’s harmful. It may actually help you lose weight a little bit, we’re not sure. The real problem is a very low-calorie diet.

This is what creates what’s called “ketosis” and in some cases can result in a severe medical condition called “Ketoacidosis.” Now, the other problem is what if you have a medical problem? If you have a medical problem already, let’s say you are a diabetic. Let’s say you have high blood pressure, you have low-blood sugar, high-blood sugar.

All these things can cause serious problems if you’re on a very low-calorie diet. So we recommend medical supervision for any prescription program; particularly, if you’re going to be following a low-calorie diet.


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