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Why Women Need Bioidentical Estradiol

By NBH, Ph.D., Diplomate of Anti-Aging Medicine and Advanced Fellow of  Anti-Aging, Regeneration & Functional Medicine. Director of Education & Research, Natural Bio Health

Why Is Estradiol Important? 

Estradiol is a hormone produced in both females and males although it is commonly seen as a female hormone. This single hormone performs 400 functions in the female body. *These functions include collagen production for the skin and protection against heart disease, memory loss, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer. *Estradiol has been scientifically shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis, macular degeneration, tooth loss, hair loss and many other maladies that affect us as we age. Excess belly fat is another symptom of low hormones, particularly low estradiol.

Why Does Estradiol “Disappear” in Postmenopausal Women?

Typically, postmenopausal women have little or no estradiol.  The female body has completed its procreation stage and mother nature has concluded that estrogen is no longer needed for producing babies. *Many women suffer from hot flashes, poor sleep, increasing belly fat and other symptoms of low estradiol.  Many other women do not have obvious symptoms and state they “feel fine.”  Those suffering from symptoms are more likely to seek relief, either in the form of safe natural  hormones or less safe synthetic hormones like Premarin.

Is the Loss of Estradiol Natural?

One concept/belief is that the loss of estradiol is part of normal aging and we should just age gracefully and make the best of again. HOWEVER, death is also part of normal aging, yet we try to prolong our time on earth.

ANOTHER CONCEPT OF AGING IS that science (and lab tests) prove that we lose estradiol as part of menopause and science also shows the incredible benefits of restoring estradiol and other hormone to youthful levels. *So while the decline of estradiol is in fact part of aging, we need not accept this since we can do something about it – RESTORE OUR LEVELS WITH BIOIDENTICAL ESTRADIOL.

Why Do Women Fear Estrogen?

*Newspapers across the nation scared women into stopping their hormone estrogen therapy (HRT) with headlines that screamed: “HRT Increases Risk of Breast Cancer, Stroke and Dimentia.”

One author noted: “Over 13 million women were on some form of HRT before the initial studies were published. Millions quit “cold turkey” and saw their symptoms rebound. Millions stayed on HRT but live in fear of the consequences. And millions of women have been moved onto antidepressants as pharmaceutical companies have campaigned to position those drugs as substitute products – even though most of these women are not depressed and are thereby exposed to a new set of potential side effects.”

The Truth About Estrogen   

*The study that scared women involved a combination of synthetic estrogen (Premarin) and synthetic Progestin. This combination, in many studies showed an increase in the stated risks. *The truth is that bioidentical hormones have been shown  to be safe and effective. At Natural Bio Health, we have successfully treated women with bioidentical estradiol for years as has many other clinics. *Our advice, get tested and improve your quality of life with natural hormone therapy.

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