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Why you should give HRT a chance

When you have estrogen and progesterone working together, you have a party! Together they are neuro-protective against cerebral damage. And while some like synthetic hormones, natural estrogen and natural progesterone should really be your weapons of choice when it comes to battling symptoms of menopause. They have a significant impact in benefits for you that it would be silly not to take advantage of them! MPA, or medroxyprogesterone, is found in Provera, which provides synthetic progestin, actively blocks the beneficial effects of natural estrogen and natural progesterone. Women who are afraid of HRT due to the fear of an increased risk of breast cancer should know that MPA is the culprit causing breast cancer, not estrogen nor progesterone.

*On the other end of the spectrum, progesterone cuts down on the reproduction of breast cancer cells and promotes apoptosis, or the process of cell death, meaning that progesterone is excellent at killing breast cancer cells. The benefits of progesterone don’t stop there. It also raises good HDL cholesterol levels, while MPA lowers good cholesterol levels, which you don’t want to happen. Progesterone acts as a helping hand to estrogen, raising estrogen’s benefits, while MPA reverses the effects of estrogen and works against estrogen’s benefits. Progesterone lowers breast stimulation by 400%, down-regulating breast receptor sites to protect against breast stimulation. It has also been shown that while the drug of choice to treat cancer, Tamoxifen, has been used to reduce mammary tumor stimulation, progesterone reduces this kind of stimulation really well. So there’s a lot of evidence that strongly supports natural estrogen and natural progesterone. With these benefits in mind, do reconsider HRT if you were wary of it before. If you were simply not convinced of the benefits of HRT, hopefully you have a better sense now and are well-equipped to make a wise decision for yourself. Without testosterone, we’d all be lost: loss of energy, loss of libido, loss of strength, loss of sexual function, loss of memory, loss of cognition, loss of muscle, and loss of bone.

*With HRT, you can gain all of that back! Low levels increases you risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even carotid atherosclerosis. At the same time, testosterone levels do not cause prostate cancer, despite what some may think. While some want to increase testosterone levels by using synthetic anabolic steroids, it’s not a good idea. Many unwanted side effects occur when this happens, while natural testosterone does not cause any side effects. Women can benefit from testosterone treatment as well as it has shown to help them through menopause, mood changes, and improves overall well-being.


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