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Won’t I just regain the weight once I am off Prescription Hormones?

Won’t I just regain the weight once I am off Prescription Hormones?

Video Transcription:

We see a lot of people that have regained the weight even after they’ve been on Prescription Hormones but they weren’t on our program. *Now why we say this is because again, our program emphasizes rapid weight loss. Any weight loss program can cause you to lose weight for a time but then you’re going to gain it back.

So what happens is you have to address the real problem with weight loss which is usually some type of hormonal issue, could be thyroid issue. So what’s important is that you not gain the weight back. We hear that question all the time. So again, the follow-up is very important, not only just losing the weight but to follow-up to make sure you keep it off.

Once you’re off Prescription Hormones, again if you eat correctly and you exercise properly, and you continue to eat healthy, the Prescription Hormones diet gives you a good start for that. Then there’s no reason to gain weight back. However, again I have to emphasize this, the big advantage is is sooner or later you’re going to have to address your underlying problem with weight loss which in our experience is mostly hormonal issues.


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