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Don’t Let Your Genes Be Your Destiny

We all have variations (also called mutations) in our DNA. Some of these mutations can cause serious health conditions and disease if not addressed with the proper nutrition, lifestyle, and other treatments offered by Natural Bio Health.
Natural Bio Health Genetic Testing can provide the information to prolong your life and protect you and your family from genetic mutations that can be life threatening. Your Genetic Nutrigenomic Testing results will provide new understandings about your health and the steps to take to prevent serious illness or disease caused by your genetic make up.
Dr. Feste explain why our advanced Genetic Testing is so unique:

The difference in our advanced Genetic Testing:

  • Most genetic tests only reveal that you “may” have a predisposition to a disease or other health condition.
  • Other testing methods fail to provide clinical and functional information from medical experts on how to address these predispositions.
  • Our genetic test is a simple in office tests that takes 5-10 minutes. You also have the option to take the test at home.
  • Once your genetic test is complete, you will meet with a Natural Bio Health provider in office for a full consultation and review of your test results.
  • The Doctors at Natural Bio Health use advanced methods to provide insights for genetic deficiencies. Our  treatments for genetic mutations include all-natural pharmaceutical grade supplements combined with one on one guidance on your diet and lifestyle.

Our genes can tell us if we may be predisposed to encounter certain conditions, such as those listed below, or explain why we already suffer from these conditions and can’t seem to find an answer. Advanced DNA testing and expert genetic counseling can help!

Conditions Related to Gene Mutations:

  • Stress
  • Toxic exposure
  • ADHD, ADD, Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia
  • Poor sleep, brain fog, fatigue or low energy
  • Poor eating habits
  • Digestive issues, IBS, Leaky Gut
  • Memory loss, poor focus and concentration
  • Hashimoto’s disease and other auto-immune conditions
  • Fibromyalgia, chronic pain
  • Cancer, diabetes
  • Excess body fat, obesity, difficulty losing weight
  • Heart disease, strokes
  • Depression, Anxiety, PMS
  • PTSD, TBI (traumatic brain injury), Bipolar Disorders
  • Poor hormonal function, low testosterone, poor estrogen metabolism

Learn Your History and Take Action:

  • Learn if you are at greater risk for certain health conditions and diseases.
  • Determine what gene mutations exist in your DNA and discover clinically proven solutions to turn on or off these gene mutations (expressions) to treat existing health conditions.
  • Identify potential genetic dispositions and risks in advance to take action and strengthen cells and help prevent future conditions and diseases.

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